Manage your Mobile Quickly and Efficiently with Coolmuster Android Assistant

Patrick Devaney


If you have a modern Smartphone, and in particular an Android Smartphone, then you’ll know that they’re able to hold what seems like an endless amount of programs, files and data. Hundreds upon thousands of apps, photos, videos, contacts and messages can be squeezed into that little supercomputer you hold in the palm of your hand and carry around with you in your pocket. The problem is how do you stay on top of so many different files. How can you manage this seemingly endless list of media, apps, files and contact data without spending days going through it all?

Manage your Mobile Quickly and Efficiently with Coolmuster Android Assistant solution

Coolmuster Android Assistant just might be the solution to this problem. Coolmuster Android Assistant is an all-round Android Manager that gives you the power to manage, edit, organize and backup all of your Android data, quickly and efficiently. Once installed onto your PC you’ll be able to deal with everything you have on your Android mobile (including your contacts and SMS messages) directly from your desktop.


The importance of backing up your data

These days it is becoming increasingly important to back up the data you have stored on your mobile phone. Whether they be family photos, videos of cherished events, important messages or contact details you don’t want to lose your files forever should something happen to your smartphone. We carry our smartphones with us everywhere we go, which makes them more vulnerable to theft or damage than our home computers.

As well as ensuring your data is safe, backing it up also frees up space on your Android mobile that you can then use for taking more photos, recording longer videos or storing more music or video files.


All it takes is a single click

Although backing up your data is very important it is not something that you want to be spending a lot of time doing. Coolmuster Android Assistant has you covered here because it has been designed with ease of use in mind. Once you’ve set up Coolmuster Android Assistant on your PC connecting your Android smartphone is easy and can be done via a USB cable or over WIFI. Once connected backing up your phone’s data only takes a single click so you won’t have to mess around with option menus or configuration screens.

Manage your Mobile Quickly and Efficiently with Coolmuster Android Assistant 1 Click

Restoring your phone’s data only takes a single click also. Should something happen to your phone and you have to replace it. It’ll only take a single click in Coolmuster Android Assistant to have all the data from your old phone ready to use on your brand new Android mobile.

Try Coolmuster for free today

Coolmuster Android Assistant is 100% secure and is compatible with all versions of Android. You can download a trial version of it right now for free. If you don’t want to risk having to start from square one again, should something unfortunate happen to your Android smartphone, you should download Coolmuster Android Assistant today.


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